Big data analytics is a process of analyzing large and varied data to reveal the secret pattern, unknown equivalences, market trends, customer needs, and much other useful information to organize an effective business strategy. Also, this helps to take important decisions and alternatives to overcome the competitors. In order to analyze such larger information, big data typically use some specialized software tools to predict analytics, data and text mining, forecasting and data optimization. It is used by travel and hospitality, government, healthcare, and retail services.

Big data is a challenge for most firms and organization. The first challenge is that breaking down a chunk of data and then storing them in different places or in different systems. The second most challenge is that creation of a platform that can convert any form of unstructured data to a structured data. This is because it is quite difficult to process the massive amount of data using traditional database and software methods. But when using the big data analytics, everything seems to be easier as it holds all the advanced techniques and implements them with proper analysis.